Bali Wrap-up

Slacker is the word. Yes, I am a slacker. You have not heard from us in about a month. We’ve got an excuse though. We’ve been visiting family back home in Louisiana, stuffing our face with as much boudin and crawfish as we can and cramming in as many photo sessions as possible. I am trying to get my photography business off the ground and things have been hectic! (A little shameless self-promotion, is my work-in-progress photography website.)
Ok, onward to wrapping up Bali, the island that after 12 short days we fell in love with. We contemplate going back there everyday. We miss the culture, scenery and most of all the amazing people we met along the way. We have been to so many amazing countries throughout our adventures, but without a doubt, the reason the places we visit are etched into our brains is the people we meet and share those countries with. Bali would not have been Bali; South Africa would not have been South Aftrica; France would not have been France… you get the picture.
So here’s to the people who made our adventures what they were. Prost! Sante! Cheers! Chinchin! We love and miss all of you guys.

family mosaicbromance-seriesIMG_0075 fisherman-geger-beachfroggie 2 portrait canvas chris bw bali BBQ bali-beachesBalangan-beach-sunsettake-off IMG_1048 Balangan-sunset blangan-dusk